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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Philosophy at Sam Houston State University.

My lab examines how social and cognitive principles interact in complex, real-world scenarios. Specifically, within the legal system. This includes topics like eyewitness memory, jury decision-making, deception detection, and face matching. Our lab aims to bridge the theoretical and applied understanding on how psychology is at work in the legal system.

Recent Research

In a recent study, I examined the impact of feedback on source memory. Largely, the literature seems to find little or even negative effects of feedback, but are there situations where feedback can be beneficial to memory? Data from a recent study suggest yes!

Participants viewed a series of objects on varying backgrounds. After providing source judgments, participants were then given immediate feedback for each item. Participants then repeated this task without receiving feedback. Did this feedback help? Yes, but for only some of the participants. Participants who were originally performing well on the task did not show a difference across test 1 and 2. However, participants who did not perform well originally did perform better on the second test.


I was recently interviewed about our ASMR project by Healthline. Check out the article here

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